Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Surnames in My Genealogy

You may have noticed, I recently added a link to the top of my blog labeled "Surnames in my Genealogy".  On that page, you'll find a list of ALL the last names found in my family tree.

I tried to make a neat little tag cloud with the names, so that names that appeared more frequently were larger than those that only appeared once or twice. Ideally, it would look something like the Tags box on the right of this page.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a tool that would import my text file and output a text or HTML tag cloud.  I attempted to manually create a tag cloud and spent a couple hours on it.  Then I copied it to a page in my blog and all the names came out the same size.  Bummer!  

I'm still hoping to find a snazzy little tool to tackle my desired name cloud, but for now this will suffice.

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