Friday, November 26, 2010

A Norwegian American is ...

The following snippet was found in the  Wicks family tree book put together by Irene Jacobsen around 1980.


...someone who sings "Jeg er so glad hver julekveld" at Christmas-time and says "Uff da meg" all year around.
...someone who can eat krumkakke without shattering it on the first bite.
...someone who eats lutefisk, but only at Christmas.
...someone who wears a Norwegian sweater for a parade in July.
...someone who shudders when you call kringlas "pretzels".
...someone who can butter lefse without tearing it.
...someone who ascribes minor disasters to trolls, mediocre ones to Swedes, and major ones to God.
...someone who has to have real butter on his or her flatbrød.
...someone who gets a little misty eyed over the exhibits in the Norwegian American Museum.
...someone who talks about Leif Erickson on Columbus Day.
...a Lutheran who's patron saint is Olaf.
...someone who rarely says "ja" without attaching "sure, you betcha".
...part of a group that names its ball teams "Vikings" and "Norseman" in hopes that Thor and Odin will notice and remember the good old days.
...someone who names his or her children: Knut, Ole, Jake, Tom, Chris, Kristina, Inger, Margit, Solveig, Gunhild.
...someone who thinks Nordic Fest is more than a summer reunion.
...someone who enjoys "Scandinavian Days".
...someone who can eat dessert after "Kumla"
...someone who eats KUMLA!!!!
Flavors of the Fjords: The Norwegian Holiday Cookbook

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