Saturday, December 25, 2010

Checking Out the New Toys

Yesterday, I watched as my nieces excitedly unwrapped their presents.  Wrapping paper ripped and thrown about, new clothes glanced at and tossed aside as the nifty new toys were discovered.  OH!! (with big eyes) ... Zhu Zhu pets! ... Web Kinz! ... an art set! ... a dolly! ... And the littlest niece said "SWEET!" as she opened a gift containing more pieces to the Princess castle she got for her birthday in October.

Flip-Pal mobile scanner
The Flip-Pal Scanner
With all of the unwrapping complete and the place to myself again (not that I don't enjoy the company!), I thought I'd check out my new toy too.   On my Christmas wish list this year was the new Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner.  This is the scanner that is bound to make scanning large items, like scrapbooks and framed pictures, easier.

After a couple rounds of scanning a marriage certificate for Great-Grandpa Oral Crapser and Great-Grandma Leola Workman, I haven't quite mastered this nifty new toy.  Supposedly, to scan large items you take multiple overlapping scans and then on the computer select the images to be "stitched" together.   The scanning is easy, but the stiching is coming out quite interestingly.  The first result looked like this:

Then I got an almost perfect stitch, though the center looks a little warped.  It has also been determined that the marriage certificate itself had been trimmed at some point in time.

And then just to ensure we all have the right perspective on my nifty little tool:

That's right, I went after a smaller piece of paper - a receipt for the marriage license fees - thinking it would be easier because it would only take 2 scans.  HA!  I guess a little more practice is in order before the upcoming Jorenby family reunion!

Here's to hoping Christmas brought you many joys!  Merry Christmas!


  1. Penny, I've found that with the Flip-Pal, more is better when it comes to scans. If you think you can get it in 4 scans, do 6 or 8 just to be sure. It will prevent distortions.

    I love my Flip-Pal!

  2. Thanks, Travis! I'm sure I'll love the Flip-Pal too after a little more time to practice with it.