Friday, July 13, 2012

Follow Friday: Hendricks MN; Collignon-Foley Family

Two sites I've been hovering around lately are the Hendricks Minnesota Family Tree Project and the Collingnon-Foley Family Tree.

Hendricks MN Family Tree Project
Hendricks MN is home to my Singsaas and Christianson family lines. The Hendricks MN Family Tree Project seeks to connect the families of 31 original settlers of Hendricks. All of the original settlers came from the same town, Singsaas, Norway.  It is believed all 31 were descended from Per Persen Vinsnes (b. 1638).  While my ancestors don't appear to be amongst the original settlers, they were from Singsaas, Norway and eventually ended up in Hendricks.

Collignon-Foley Family Tree
This is my Christianson family line. I've been in contact with cousin Karen Foley in the past, but have lost touch in recent years. When I go looking for Christianson family information, I usually end up looking at Karen's work of art here. Thanks, Karen!

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