Monday, March 7, 2011

Military Monday: Purchase of Gun upon Discharge

My dad asked an intriguing question last night. I'm not sure where to begin looking for this answer though.

Apparently our family once owned an 1847 Springfield (1842 model) 69 caliber musket. (All that is directly from dad; I wouldn't know one gun from the next gun!)  It was rumored that the gun was brought home from the Civil War by a triple great-grandfather down the Crapser or Workman line.

Apparently, my grandpa and his brothers hunted with it, using "ballistically superior" rocks wrapped in paper.  They put pheasants and the like on the table when food would have been otherwise scarce.

My dad has reenacted the Civil War and several other time periods over the years.  Over the course of his adventures, he has seen receipts from "Uncle Sam" for soldiers who purchased their musket on discharge.

So the question is:  How would one find a receipt from a soldier's weapon purchase upon discharge? 
Would this have been included in discharge papers?

Side note for anyone with an itch to research this:

My dad's triple great grandfathers in the Crapser and Workman lines would be
  • Charles Crapser born in 1785
    • probably more likely to be his son, Timothy (GG grandpa), who was born in 1825 in New York
  • Gilbert Lane born in 1797 in NewYork
    • We do know that Gilbert's father Joseph C Lane served in the Revolutionary War (see details)
  • Jens Kjolseth born in 1823, but didn't arrive in the U.S. until the late 1860s
  • ? Hansen - father of Anna Hansen, who was born in 1860 in Norway
  • George P. Workman born in 1806, arrived in US before 1838
  • Herman H Koester born in 1821, arrived in US in 1845
  • ? Heard - father of Frederick W T Heard, who was born in 1855 in Illinois
  • ? Doak - father of Annette Doak, who was born in 1861 in Iowa

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