Sunday, March 6, 2011

Search Terms that Brought You to Me

Shortly after I started blogging, another blogger (maybe Amy on We Tree Genealogy?) posted an article on search terms that brought people to her blog.  With my curiousity spiked, I took a quick peak at search terms for my blog:
  • family
  • geneabloggers
  • blog
Bummer, all very generic search terms for family history blogs.  I realized that I needed to wait after I had more content posted.  Today, on a whim I took a look again and found some interesting results.  Google and Blogger provide different results, which intrigues me because Blogger is a Google product!

Blogger indicates the following search terms are popular for my blog:
  • Ida Waage blog
    • Ida Waage was my Great-Great-Grandmother.  I'm certain she didn't have a blog of her own as she passed away in 1939, but I do have a few posts about her (err .. my) family.  Check the posts labeled with Waage (her husband's name) or Wicks (her maiden name).
  • christie michelle sumstad
    • I'm afraid you've been led astray.  It appears that search results took content from two posts and sent you here.  Rev. Sumstad officiated at Madala Wicks' funeral. Christi Sjursdatter, Madala's mother-in-law, was listed in the 1865 Norwegian Census.
  • norm jorenby spanish american war
    • The Spanish American War occurred in 1898, four years before my great-grandfather Norman Jorenby was born in 1902.
  • weinkauf haugesund
    • Were the Weinkauf's from Haugesund too?  I'm not sure, but I might have to research that now.  I announced the arrival of a new bundle of joy last September, when my cousin Isabella Weinkauf was born.   My Waage family came from the Haugesund, Norway area.
Google provided the following popular search terms:
  • Haktor  (also variants Hector and Hactor)
    • I've been researching Hactor/Hector/Haktor Wicks recently.  I have four posts all about Haktor Wicks:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  • Susanville CA
  • Mrs May
    • I don't believe I have anyone by the last name May.  Though I did a post containing Mrs. May Schrode Reep's obituary.
  • stack of postcards
    • Interesting choice of keywords; are you working on a postcard project?  I do have a series of posts titled "Those Places Thursday - Postcards", beginning with the Susanville, CA one listed above.
  • teddy girl
    • I love this one - if only because I love my teddy bears!  In Grandma Leola's collection, I found two pictures of the same girl with a teddy bear.
  • emma handy wiki
    • I'm quite certain that Emma Rittman, who passed away in 1918, wasn't very handy with a wiki.
Enjoy your reading!

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  1. That was me! Keep checking back on your stats. Sometimes you'll get some odd ones that make no sense. :)