Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Connecting Haktor T Wicks to Haktor H Wicks - Part 4

Continuing to make the connection between Hactor T Wicks and Hactor H Wicks (Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 for more information)

With the help of a couple people in the forum for Hordaland, Norway, we have new insights on the Hactor T. Wicks and Hactor H. Wicks connection.  Thanks Brian and Toril!

The results of the past few weeks of research indicate that Hactor Hactorsen Wicks is an uncle to Hactor Torjulsen Wicks.

Keep in mind here that Hactor T's father was Torjuls Hactorsen according to the 1865 Norwegian census.

Norwegian Baptismal Records indicate the following:
  • Torgild Hactorsen and his twin brother Lars Hactorsen were baptized on 13 December 1812 in Skaanevik, Hordaland, Norway.  Their parents were listed as Hactor Wiiger and Brithe.
  • Hactor Hactorsen was  baptized on 30 November 1817 in Skaanevik, Hordaland, Norway.  His parents were Hactor Wiiger and Brithe.
    • Column heading translation: Entry Number | Year aand Date | Child's Full Name | Date of Baptism | Parents Names, Class, Occupation and Address | Godparent's Names, Class, and Residence | Where entered in General Register | Remarks
    • HACTOR, nr. 82. Source information: Hordaland county, Skånevik, Parish register (official) nr. A 3 (1815-1828), Birth and baptism records 1818, page 22.
For good measure, let's throw in the assumed older brother, Ole:

Brian informed me that Torgild and Ole were confirmed on 2 December 1828 and the farm was listed as Vike, though I don't know which reference provides this information.

Toril also mentioned that Wiiger, Wikke, and Vike are the same farm.  So I suppose it's just different spellings based on the timeframe or pronunciation.

Additional Notes:
If you are having trouble reading those images, I was also able to find the baptismal data on

Another neat reference is the explanation of Norwegian Parish Registers in Norwegian Kirkebker - Parish Registers.

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