Wednesday, February 2, 2011

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Dennis Morgan

The past two Thursdays, I have shared postcards from Grandma Leola's box of treasures.  Today, I have another postcard, but this one is a picture of Dennis Morgan.

My initial thought, which shows my youth, was who is Dennis Morgan?  So I googled him.  Wikipedia says Dennis Morgan was an actor-singer born in 1908.  His peak acting-singing years were in the 1940s and performed in shows such as God is my Co-Pilot, The Desert Song, Kitty Foyle and Christmas in Connecticut.

Why did Grandma Leola still have this picture postcard of Dennis Morgan?  Is this from an meet-and-greet or autograph session? Was it common for autographed pictures to be on postcards in the 1940s? 

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