Monday, February 21, 2011

Amanuensis Monday: Lowell Workman Honored on 80th Birthday

The following news clipping was retrieved from Grandma Leola's files and was likely printed in the Brookings Register or the Sterling township news in 1961.

Lowell Workman Honored on 80th Birthday

Eureka - Lowell Workman marked his 80th birthday Feb. 24 and was honored at a party at his farm home 10 miles north of Brookings.

The evening was spent visiting and a short program presented events from his lifetime.

Present were his four children: Mr and Mrs. Merle Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. George Workman, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Reed, all of Brookings; and Rev. and Mrs. David Workman and family of Sioux City, Iowa; a brother Jesse Workman; and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gossau, Mr. and Mrs. Ed clifford and Mr. and Mrs. Keith Clifford and family.

One of the first persons born in Brookings County, Workman still resides on the same farm, only a few rods from the sod house in which he was born.

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