Thursday, February 17, 2011

Those Places Thursday - Postcards: Stock Exchange, Chicago, Illinois

In Grandma Leola's box of treasures, is a stack of postcards. Most of them were written on and sent to Leola or her parents by family and friends. There are a handful though that have no writing on them at all.

I remember picking up postcards on my adventures for souvenirs. In fact I have a shoebox full of postcards from places like Rapid City, Washington D.C., various places in Spain, and any zoo or tourist attraction that I visited as a child. None of mine have any writing either.

So curiosity strikes this genealogist again. What significance did the places on these postcards have for Grandma Leola?

This week's postcard place is the Stock Exchange in Chicago, Illinois:

I know that Grandma Leola's sister Ada lived in Chicago at one point.  But I'm not sure if Leola ever visited her in Chicago.

What significance might the Chicago Stock Exchange have in Leola's life?

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