Friday, January 7, 2011

Follow Friday: Ancestor Soup, Faces of My Family and 2338 W Washington Blvd

Today's follows were created by the ever-amazing network of Geneabloggers:
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I recently started following the 2338 W. Washington Blvd. blog.  Margel was also given the Ancestor Approved award in early December.  The address used as a blog title is what caught my eye here and thus began my venture through her blog posts, which I've enjoyed reading.  She led me to the Faces of My Family blog with her "Follow Friday. . . Oh Whoops, It's Tuesday" post.

The Faces of My Family blog intrigued me because, afterall, in the electronic media "faces" usually indicates photos exist.  By now I'm sure you've learned that I've amassed quite the collection of family photos.  So I'm always interested in seeing what others have learned about their family photos.  Lisa's recent posts don't have many photos, but they have some fun stories.  She led me to Ancestor Soup via her list of favorite blogs;  "Ancestor Soup" was just a name that jumped out and caught my attention.

The most recent post on Ancestor Soup mentioned Huron, South Dakota.  I got all excited that I'd stumbled upon another genealogist from South Dakota that blogs!  Then after a little reading, I discovered she was actually from Minnesota.  But I think Karen may provide some inspiration and insight that is a little closer to home for me than most of the other genealogy blogs I follow.

... And so the crazy world of social media has led me astray from catching up on my blog reading!  Or maybe it's just given me MORE to read!

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  1. Penny
    Thanks for the shout. I love Lisa's blog, The Faces of My Family, and I'm glad you liked it too. I know what you mean about being led astray by blogs. I keep discovering new ones that I "have" to read and so my list grows longer. I need to retire.