Monday, January 10, 2011

Mappy Monday: Vernon Township, Wright County, Iowa

John and Belle Jorenby were married and raised their first seven children in Wright County, Iowa.

This map, which I found on, shows the southeast sections of Vernon Township.  John and Belle's land was on the west edge of Section 23.  Two of Belle's brothers, Almond and Otto Anderson owned land in Section 27.

Looking at this map I noticed the Jorenby land was between four schools. I tried to determine where the the children might have attended school.  The four schools were located in
  • Section 22, NW corner - This appears to be closest to their home (which is marked by the little tiny dot above the "n" in Jorenby).
  • Section 24, N center - If each school served children in a specific quad of the sections, children in Sections 13, 14, 23 and 24 probably attended this school.
  • Section 34, NW corner - The Anderson cousins likely attended this school.  I initially thought that maybe the oldest Jorenby child, Pearl, might have tagged along with her Anderson cousins in her first year.  However, I believe that Pearl Jorenby was older than the Anderson children.
  • Section 36, NW corner - This one appears to be the farthest away.
In thinking about those good-old South Dakota winters,  - would they have attend the school in Section 22?   Especially since their walks were probably "uphill both ways"!!

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